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Setup Your Plumbing Van for Success

Setup Your Plumbing Van for Success

As a plumber, having your plumbing van properly equipped is the path to success. This mobile workshop carries all the tools and supplies you need for every job. Equipping your van with the proper gear keeps you organized and ensures you can find what you need when you need it.


Keeping your plumbing van organized is key for saving time while finding & storing your gear. A van package is a great option which includes most of the equipment needed to stay organized. A plumbing van package generally consists of shelving, drawers, cabinets & a partition. Some situations might require additional equipment, such as bins, trays & hook holders.

Best Van Accessories for Plumbing Vans

Outfitting your van with the right accessories can make a significant difference in your daily operations. Here are some essential accessories to consider for your plumbing van:

Van Shelving

Van shelving is crucial for maximizing storage space & keeping tools and parts accessible and organized. Shelving units come in various shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs. Consider folding shelves to save space, or adjustable shelving units to store anything you need.

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Bins, Cabinets & Drawers

Bins, cabinets, & drawers help with sorting and storing your parts & tools. Bins are great for separating small parts, and cabinets & drawers assist with larger items. These van accessories are the most universal, adding onto van shelving for additional compartments. Perfect your plumbing van setup with key van accessories.

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Van Floor Mats

In addition to internal storage, van floor mats are another essential addition to your work van. A van floor mat protects your van's floor from dirt, debris, & damage. They are easy to clean and add an extra layer of safety by providing a non-slip surface.

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Van Rack

While the inside of your van is great for smaller items & gear, long items will cause difficulty in organization. Van roof racks store long items on top of your cargo van, great for pipes, ladders & other long gear. An additional piece of equipment compatible with a van rack is a conduit carrier, keeping tools safe.

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Van partitions separate the driver's cabin from the cargo area, enhancing safety by preventing tools & materials from sliding forward. This defined boundary comes in various models. A bulkhead with a door allows easy access to the rear of the van from inside of the driver's cabin. Mesh screen bulkheads allow you to easily see the rear of the van, ensuring that you maintain order.


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Other Accessories

Alongside all these van parts, van accessories are how you truly customize your plumber van to your needs. Some common additions to a plumbing work van are bottle holders, hook holders, tool organizers & bucket holders. These are the parts to transform your van into the ultimate work van.

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Van Packages

Several manufacturers offer comprehensive van packages designed specifically for plumbers. Generally, a plumbing van package will consist of van shelving, cabinets, storage hooks & a partition. A van package makes it easier to outfit your van, but there may be aspects which you want to add-on or do not need.

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Weather Guard Plumbing Van Packages

Weather Guard offers durable & well-designed van packages containing shelving, cabinets & partitions. Designed for your career, Weather Guard van packages look to fulfill your needs in one spot. Consider additional add-ons if a package is missing crucial pieces.

Shop Weather Guard van packages here.

Holman Plumbing Van Packages

Holman is another great choice for plumbing van packages, offering similar options including shelving, cabinets, & partitions. Holman, alongside Weather Guard, offer adjustable shelving to fit your specific needs. Tailor the van package with add-ons like bins, hooks & other storage devices for the perfect work van.

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Transform Your Van, Transform Your Business

Your plumbing van is the lifeblood of your business, and having the perfect setup will ensure success on the job. Shelving, partitions & van flooring are all key in maintaining a clean and organized van. Van packages consolidate your needs into one offer, making it easier to complete your plumbing van. For assistance in building out the perfect plumbing van setup, contact our reps at Elite Truck.

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