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The Weather Guard Pack Rat - Everything You Need To Know

The Weather Guard Pack Rat - Everything You Need To Know

The Weather Guard Pack Rat - Everything You Need To Know

The Weather Guard Pack Rat is well known in the toolbox industry for being one of the highest quality, most durable, pull out storage solutions available. The Pack Rat storage units allow you to push one button and roll out hundreds of pounds of tools and equipment right in front of you. Not only can you organize all of your tools and equipment in an easily accessible drawer unit, the Pack Rats also have an extremely heavy load rating on top allowing for the storage or mounting of heavy loads.

Weather Guard Pack Rats come in several different sizes and configurations. This guide will assist you in determining which Pack Rat unit will work best for your needs.

Weather Guard Pack Rat Features

  • Low profile design provides concealed and secure storage for heavy items without greatly reducing truck bed storage area.
  • Reinforced construction allows up to 750 pounds of material and supplies to be loaded on top of the Pack Rat unit without damaging the unit itself.
  • The top and sides of the Pack Rat units are made of a 14-Gauge steel and the heavy duty skids on the bottom are made of a 12-Gauge steel. 
  • One-Touch® latch system allows easy, one hand operation. Push the button to unlock the unit and then pull the handle to open Pack Rat.
  • The smooth gliding roll out drawers open smoothly even when loaded to max capacity putting frequently needed items within easy reach without the need to climb up onto the truck bed or into a van.
  • Drawers are weather stripped and each drawer has a load rating of 425 pounds evenly distributed.
  • Dividers can be easily moved around to make your Pack Rat perfect for all of your storage needs.
  • The Weather Guard ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability.
  • Weather Guard backs all of the Pack Rat units with their unmatched Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Weather Guard Pack Rat Load Ratings 

All of the Weather Guard Pack Rat drawer units have a drawer capacity of 425 pounds and a top load capacity of 750 pounds. This large drawer capacity allows you to store all of your heavy tools and equipment with no worry of damaging the unit. Even with the drawer completely loaded down, the drawer still pulls out and closes effortlessly due to the heavy duty roller system. The 750 pound top capacity allows you to stack a pallet of material on top of the unit just as you would normally put in the bed of your truck. The 750 pound top capacity also allows for the mounting of equipment such as air compressors, welders, and generators. 

Weather Guard Pack Rat Size Options

The Weather Guard Pack Rat drawer units come in two different lengths, 48" and 24". Several different widths, heights, and configurations are available. Below is a list of all of the Weather Guard pack rat units from largest to smallest. Click on any of the model numbers to see more information and pricing on each unit.

Size Options (Largest to Smallest)

Model Number  -  Dimensions (LxWxH)  -  Color

338-5                     48x39.75x13                     Black

338-3                     48x39.75x13                     White

308-5                     48x39.75x9                       Black

308-3                     48x39.75x9                       White

334-3                     48x30x13                          White

337-3                     48x30x12.5                       White

307-3                     48x30x9                            White

304-3                     48x30x9                            White

336-3                     48x20x12.5                       White

306-3                     48x20x9                            White

335-3                     48x10.25x13                     White

305-3                     48x10.25x9.5                    White

310-3-01                42x12x17                          White

303-3                     24x39.75x12.5                  White

301-3                     24x30x12.5                       White

312-3                     24x30x9                            White

Weather Guard Pack Rat Organization

Weather Guard Pack Rat units can be used individually or stacked on top of each other for maximizing storage capabilities. Each unit is fully customizable using the included dividers that can be moved around to allow you to neatly organize all of your tools and equipment. For example the 338-5 Pack Rat unit comes with 24 individual dividers. This allows you to make room for larger tools or gear and also make smaller compartments for smaller items that you want to keep neatly organized.


Due to the solid steel construction Weather Guard Pack Rat drawer units are heavier than most tool boxes. At Elite Truck Boxes we specialize in getting products from the manufacturer to the customer without them being damaged. To reduce the chances of damage we make sure all Pack Rat units are professionally packaged and shipped LTL freight. We recommend inspecting the box before accepting delivery from the freight carrier. 


Overall the Weather Guard Pack Rat drawer units are a durable, functionable storage solution for anyone that works out of a truck or van. If your looking for a way to organize all of your tools and equipment in an easily accessible drawer system, the Weather Guard Pack Rat is hands down one of the highest quality options available in the industry. If you have any questions please email






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