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Truck Tool Boxes & Accessories for Chevy Silverado

Truck Tool Boxes & Accessories for Chevy Silverado

If you own a Chevy Silverado, like many others you know how useful a truck it is. Equipping it with the right truck tool boxes & accessories can make it even more convenient and useful. Whether used for recreation or work, adding the right tool boxes for Chevy Silverado's ensure you’re prepared for any task.

Typical Truck Equipment

Customizing your Chevy Silverado with accessories and tool boxes can personalize its use to your needs. These will help with hauling cargo to storing fishing gear. Some of the most common Chevy Silverado tool boxes & accessories are:

Crossover Box

A crossover box is one of the most popular additions to a Silverado pickup. Sitting across the truck bed against the cab, these provide secure storage for tools and equipment. With weather-resistant options and locking latches, crossovers are a reliable choice for keeping gear & equipment organized and protected.

Side Mount Box

Similar to a crossover box, side mount tool boxes are mounted to the bed rails while keeping the bed space clear. These useful accessories offer additional storage space along the side of the bed. Side mount tool boxes are great for Silverado owners who want more storage without taking up space in the bed.

Bed Cover

Silverado with Bed Cover

Tool boxes protect tools, but Chevy Silverado beds don't protect the gear stored in it. A bed cover is an essential accessory when you have to store and transport gear or cargo in the bed. Bed covers come in various types, such as retractable, folding, or roll-up.

Headache Racks

Silverado with Headache rack and bed cover

Unlike tool boxes for Chevy Silverado's, headache racks don’t add additional storage to your truck. Headache racks protect your truck cab from cargo movement and offer more tie down options. There are different types of headache racks that have lights, extra spots to attach things, and different mesh options.

Other Accessories to Consider

While most accessories are generic, there are some which have more specific use cases. Several less common Chevrolet Silverado accessories which enhance your truck are:

Transfer Tank

Transfer & auxiliary tanks are an excellent addition to your Chevy Silverado if you often travel in rural areas or find yourself on long trips. Transfer tanks provides extra fuel which can be used to fill up other equipment. Auxiliary tanks act as a second fuel tank for your truck, expanding the total fuel capacity for your Silverado.

Ladder Rack

Generally used in work trucks, ladder racks provide extra storage for ladders and long gear on the top of the truck. This must-have accessory for work trucks comes in a few models which have their own benefits, and all keep your items secure. Read more about ladder racks here for which model fits your needs the most.

Trailer Tool Box

A trailer tool box is a great addition for those hauling a trailer with their Chevy Silverado often. Put your small tools and gear in the tool box on the trailer hitch, so your truck can carry bigger things. Some Chevy Silverado owners may not require it. However, if you own a trailer, having this tool box can be beneficial.

Figuring Out Fitment for Accessories

While each year of the Silverado is similar to each other, there can be small differences in their bed sizes. To make sure your truck parts work together, think about the year, model, cab & bed style, and size. This will help you choose the right boxes and accessories.

How to Measure the Bed

To measure your bed, check its width, depth, length, and other important measurements. For bed width, look at the bed outside to outside and rail to rail. These measurements will ensure the boxes fit inside the bed and don't hand out over the edge of the bed.

Silverado with Proper Fitting Crossover Tool Box
To measure the bed, look at the entire bed length and the space you have between the cab and the wheel well. Check the distance from the bed rail to the wheel well before choosing side mount boxes.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Chevy Silverado with Premium Tool Boxes and Accessories

The Chevy Silverado is a great truck, but adding tool boxes and accessories makes it even better. Whether you opt for a crossover box, side mount box, or other accessory, each addition brings added convenience and utility.
Need help with your Chevy Silverado? Contact our Elite Truck reps for fitment and outfitting guidance. Enhance your Silverado's capabilities and enjoy a truck that's ready for any adventure or task.

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