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The Weather Guard Pack Rat vs The Decked Storage System

The Weather Guard Pack Rat vs The Decked Storage System

The Weather Guard Pack Rat vs The Decked Drawer System

If you are in the market for a sturdy drawer system for your truck bed that not only caters to all your needs, but is also affordable, look no further. We will be comparing the Weather Guard Pack Rat and the Decked Drawer System. These two companies are industry leaders in the tool box market and have proven their high quality standards with these two pull-out storage options.


Features of the Weather Guard Pack Rat

The Pack Rat’s low-profile design is made with a 14-gauge steel top and sides with 12-gauge steel skids for extra strength. The top load rating for the Weather Guard Pack Rat is 750 pounds with an impressive 425 pound load capacity per roll-out drawer. The smooth gliding roll-out drawers include the One-Touch latch system, allowing for easy one-handed operation. The durability of the Weather Guard Pack Rat is unmatched with its rugged steel design and industry leading protective powder coat. The top of the Pack Rat also includes anti-skid strips for added safety.

Not only is this low-profile drawer system capable of housing all of your tools and equipment, the pull-out drawer allows you to easily access anything in the box without getting into the truck bed. Effortlessly pull out the drawer and all of your tools and equipment are organized and at arms reach. The Weather Guard Pack Rat also makes additional size options for your truck bed to fit all your specific needs. These Pack Rat systems have the ability to mount facing out the back of a truck bed, out the side or back of a van, or stacked on top of one another for maximum storage space. Each internal drawer compartment also features the option to rearrange the included dividers to easily customize your Pack Rat to fit your needs.

For anyone that works out of a truck or van on a daily basis, the Weather Guard Pack Rat is a must have. Thousands of construction workers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and other tradesmen around the country have their tools and equipment securely stored and organized in a Weather Guard Pack Rat. To find the perfect Weather Guard Pack Rat for your needs, click HERE.



Features of the The Decked Storage System

Another great option for truck bed drawer storage is the Decked drawer storage system. While the Weather Guard Pack Rat offers various sizes and options, the Decked drawer system is made to fit your truck and either fills the entire bed surface or leaves room for a standard tool box in the longer beds. This durable storage solution gives you two large pull-out storage drawers and allows you to still use your truck bed as you normally would with a 2,000 pound top weight capacity. Each drawer has a storage capacity of 200 pounds allowing you to store heavy tools, equipment, or gear.

The Decked storage system is made of an extremely durable composite material and includes a recycled American steel subframe. This durable design guarantees years of worry free use. One of the main advantages of the Decked storage system is the weatherproof design. The drawers are sealed to keep out dust and moisture keeping all of your tools, equipment, or gear dry and clean.

The Decked system comes with 4 accessories allowing even more customizable storage options. The Decked system and all accessories are covered by a 3-year warranty. 

Both the Weather Guard Pack Rat and the Decked storage system are top of the line industry leading pull-out bed storage solutions. Find the Decked storage system for your truck HERE or find the perfect Weather Guard Pack to fit your needs HERE.  










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