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Camlocker Crossover Tool Box 60 Inch With Rail For Jeep Gladiator JT Low Profile Matte Black S60LPBLRLMB

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CamLocker Crossover Tool Box 60 Inch Low Profile Matte Black WIth Rail S60LPBLRLMB

The CamLocker Crossovers are a staff favorite at Elite Truck.

We know that Jeepers never have enough room to keep their expensive gear and CamLocker has the solution! CamLocker now offers crossover tool boxes made specifically for the Jeep Gladiator JT! These boxes are 60" wide and notched underneath, to clear the wheel wells and fuel filler neck. We've also left some space beneath the box for those trips to the lumber yard or whenever you have longer, short items to haul in your bed.

Unlike most tool boxes on the market that use a low-grade metal paddle locks, the CamLocker system uses revolving cams that hook through welded catches to secure the box in the closed position. Breaking in without a key would actually require the lid to be broken or the use of power tools! CamLocker tool boxes are constructed from .063 gauge polished Aluminum for strength and rigidity, so when you leave your truck you can feel confident that your tools, firearms, or gear will still be there when you get back.

Inside the box, you'll find felt carpeting on all sides and on the bottom, which gives the box a high-end look and helps protect your gear. It's also mold and mildew resistant and the floor section is removable for easy cleanup.

For nearly three decades, American Aluminum has built boxes for the Military, the FBI, and law enforcement agencies and now we've made the CamLocker available to you, so you can outfit your truck with the best American-made tool box on the market.

All CamLocker tool boxes include removable sliding storage trays and are backed by a 3 Year Structural Warranty.


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Why buy your Camlocker from Elite Truck Boxes?

At Elite Truck Boxes, we are proud to be one of the largest authorized retailers of the CamLocker brand.

We offer a full selection of the CamLocker products ready to ship to your door. Not only do we offer the best prices online along with some of the best customer service in the industry, we specialize in getting your new CamLocker toolbox to your door damage free in perfect condition.

We package every CamLocker box unlike any of our competitors. If you do receive a CamLocker toolbox from Elite Truck Boxes and it is scratched or damaged in any way, we take care of that 100%!

Camlocker Warranty

CamLocker stands behind all their products with a 3 Year Structural Warranty and a generous Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you have any questions about the Camlocker Warranty contact our team today.

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Camlocker Fitment

See the Fitment Data Tab next to the product description or the dimensions picture for the most accurate information. At Elite Truck we provide our customers with detailed, accurate toolbox dimensions. Using these dimensions, you can guarantee the toolbox you are purchasing will fit your truck.

With Camlocker, a (S) model box usually represents a standard depth box. A (KS) model usually represents a King Size or Deep box. A (S71) box will fit most full-sized trucks of any bed length. A (S60-S67) box will fit most mid-sized trucks. If you are looking for a deep box for a mid-size truck or 5' 5" short bed, then you may need a (Notched) box. Long beds can generally fit any size truck box. Always be sure to verify fitment with our product dimension drawings.

Camlocker Features

- The Overall Construction -

All CamLocker toolboxes are built using a high-grade diamond plate aluminum. The heavy duty .063-gauge aluminum is much thicker and stronger than the thinner material used by other brands. CamLocker combines the highest quality materials available with some of the best design and manufacturing techniques in the industry to build an uncommonly strong toolbox.

- The Lid -

The insulated lid on the CamLocker toolbox outperforms all others in the toolbox industry. An extra brace is added across the inside of the lid to add extra strength and durability. A high-quality seal lines the perimeter of the inside of the lid to allow the lid to seal tightly to the box keeping out dust and moisture.

- The CamLock Locking Mechanism -

The secure CamLock locking mechanism allows the toolbox to be easily opened from either side of the truck. The best part of the CamLock design is when the handle is turned to lock the box the lid is pulled down and sealed tightly against the frame of the box. This design allows the box to seal tightly keeping out dust and moisture keeping the contents of the box dry and clean.

- Full Length Continuous Stainless-Steel Hinge -

Like many other aspects of the CamLocker toolbox, the hinge design outperforms most other brands in the industry. The heavy-duty full-length stainless-steel hinge allows the lid to open and close smoothly for the full lifetime of the box.

- Key Lockable Chrome Plated Heavy Duty Carbon Steel T-Handles -

The handles on all CamLocker toolboxes are made of a heavy-duty chrome plated carbon steel. This handle design allows the box to be locked and unlocked with a key. Because of the quality materials used, the handle and keyhole will not rust or corrode.

- Completely Carpeted Inside -

One of the unique features of the CamLocker toolbox is the carpeted lining on the inside of the box. This heavy-duty carpet lining is mold and mildew resistant. The carpet lining in the floor of the box is also removable for easy cleaning.

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