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Best Ladder Racks for Trucks 2024

Best Ladder Racks for Trucks 2024

Pickup truck roof racks come in various sizes and designs to cater to different needs. These essential accessories significantly enhance your job performance, adding storage to the roof of your truck. Contractors, roofers, and outdoor enthusiasts can utilize these racks for moving large gear and equipment to where it needs to be.

Top Ladder Racks

Holman Pro II Truck Rack

Holman Truck Rack

Benefits: Exceptional durability, easy installation, and compatibility with popular truck models.

Holman's Pro II truck rack works hard and looks great, constructed out of high tensile strength mechanical tubing. This rack runs the entire length of the truck, with models available for long and short beds. Each rack has a 1,700 lb cargo capacity, allowing you to haul multiple ladders or large items on top of your truck.

Vantech Universal Pickup Ladder Rack

Vantech Truck Rack

Benefits: Universal compatibility, lightweight design, and corrosion-resistant materials.

Vantech's universal pickup ladder rack system is a great choice for truck roof storage. This roof rack has a weight capacity of 800 lbs, utilizing reinforced aluminum for stability. The slider system in the rack enables users to fit the rack to almost any vehicle size. With easy installation, this rack is ready to go shortly after delivery.

Prime Design Professional Truck Rack™

Prime Design Truck Rack

Benefits: High load capacity, aluminum construction, and customizable options.

Prime Design's Professional Truck Rack is a rugged, yet lightweight option for truck owners. The ergonomic design keeps you safe when retrieving your ladders and gear from your truck roof rack. This aluminum ladder rack is easy to install onto your truck.

Merritt Ladder Rack

Merritt Truck Rack

Benefits: Heavy-duty build, secure load management, and sleek appearance.

Merritt's aluminum ladder rack is an easy to install accessory with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. The modular system Merritt uses in their cargo racks allows the rack to expand to desired lengths, fitting your needs. The two rear mounted grab handles provide you with safety when accessing your gear.

Weather Guard Weekender® Truck Ladder Rack

Weather Guard Weekender Ladder Rack

Benefits: Quick installation, adjustable height, and durable construction.

Weather Guard designs their products with you in mind, creating easy to use truck accessories. Weather Guard manufactures the Weekender truck ladder rack using strong 14 gauge steel tubing to securely store ladders. This rack is easy to install, and can be easily transferred to other vehicles. The ladder load bar is easily adjustable, accommodating various ladder widths and up to 250 lbs.

Elevate Your Efficiency: The Perfect Ladder Rack for Your Needs

Finding the right ladder rack to fit your needs is crucial to having an organized and efficient work truck. Check your truck make and model to ensure the ladder rack will fit. Contact our reps at Elite Truck for fitment information and assistance in finding the perfect ladder rack. From single ladder racks to ones with storage for multiple ladders, Elite Truck can help!

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