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5 Essential Truck Tool Box Accessories to Keep Your Gear Secure

5 Essential Truck Tool Box Accessories to Keep Your Gear Secure

Truck tool boxes are great accessories, providing protection and organization for your tools. Basic truck boxes can fit your needs, but enhancing it can make accessing and organizing your gear easier. There are tool box truck accessories for adding stability to your mounted box, adding visibility, and giving you additional space. The following are five of the best tool box accessories to consider for your truck box.

Top 5 Truck Tool Box Accessories

1. Box Lights

Buyers Products Rope Lights

A great accessory for your truck box is lighting. Mounted to the inside of the truck tool box, this accessory gives you vision on the inside of the box. Lighting up the box helps you easily and quickly locate your tools, even if it's dark or they move during transportation. Buyers Products rope lights are a great addition to be able to see inside of your truck boxes anytime of day.

2. Trays

RKI Box Tray

While truck tool boxes come with spacious interior storage, they do not all come with built in organization. A truck tool box tray will help by giving you condensed places for small loose gear. Mixing and matching trays will give additional compartments for enhanced organization.

3. Dividers

If you carry a variety of tools and equipment in your truck box, dividers can assist with organization. Dividers allow you to create customized compartments within your box, allowing you to categorize and separate your gear. This makes it quick and easy to locate the right equipment when you need it.

Buyers Products 16 piece divider kit is a great choice, able to be configured in hundreds of combinations to fit your needs.

4. Mounting Bracket

With truck boxes mounted directly onto the truck bed, ensuring you have a sturdy mount is essential. Mounting brackets are a valuable addition, providing enhanced support to mounting points. Crossovers, side mounts, and other truck boxes can all utilize mounting brackets, increasing stability for your boxes. Mounting brackets are especially helpful if you store heavy objects, preventing the boxes from shifting under the weight.

5. Liner

Buyers Products Box Liner

With various gear and equipment in your boxes, shifting during transit can damage both the box and the tools themselves. Heavy duty liners can keep your tools in place and protect the box from dings and dents. Liners can provide a non-slip surface with grease and oil resistance. Make cleaning out your box easier by removing the lining to get rid of dirt and spills. Buyers Products heavy duty liner is non-adhesive, allowing you to easily wipe clean from grease and oil. Cut the liner to fit the inside of your specific boxes for a custom fit.

The Perfect Toolbox Companion: Elevate Your Truck Tool Box with These Must-Have Accessories

Truck tool boxes are a great addition to your truck, for both work and personal use. Selecting the right accessories will enhance your trucks ability to store and organize tool and equipment. For assistance in finding your next truck box or the accessories that go with it, contact our reps at Elite Truck.

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