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Essential Construction Truck Equipment: Top 5 Accessories for Your Fleet

Essential Construction Truck Equipment: Top 5 Accessories for Your Fleet

In the world of construction, efficiency is key. One of the best ways to create a more efficient fleet is by equipping it with the right tools and equipment. The following equipment are good for small and large construction fleets, providing secure tool storage and easy access for improved efficiency.

Top Construction Truck Equipment Accessories

Crossover Box

UWS Crossover

One of the most popular additions to construction trucks are crossover tool boxes. UWS' crossover truck tool box is a popular choice on the market, crafted of diamond tread aluminum for corrosion resistance. UWS considers different scenarios, offering crossovers in various models to fit your specific needs. All UWS boxes provide you with storage space for tools and equipment, keeping them safe and organized.

Shop all UWS crossover boxes here.

Cargo Slides

Highway Products Bed Slide

Maximizing your truck's cargo space is essential, especially for transporting large construction materials. Highway Products' bed slide will make transporting and accessing these large loads easier. The slides attach to your truck bed and slide out, so you can reach the whole bed without getting inside. Highway Products offers 1,200, 2,000, & 4,000 lbs. weight capacities for their bed slides, providing you with reliability.

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Ladder Racks

Holman Truck Ladder Rack

Ladders are a useful tool for construction workers but transporting them without the proper equipment can make them a hassle. Holman's drop-down ladder rack gives you a place to store ladders out of the way while maintaining easy access. This convenient solution is a great addition to your construction fleet.

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Transfer Tank

UWS L Transfer Tank

Construction sites can have fueled equipment, so having a fuel source on-site can be a game-changer. UWS crafts transfer tanks from aluminum, providing you with corrosion resistance alongside sleek design. Similar to their crossover boxes, UWS has thought of different use cases for transfer tanks and provides various models.

Shop all UWS transfer tanks here.

Side Mount Truck Boxes

Buyers Products Side Mount Truck Box

Sometimes, you need quick access to smaller tools and supplies. Side mount truck tool boxes are perfect for this, mounted onto the side rails of your truck bed. Keep your essentials within arm's reach by mounting a side mount tool box to both sides of the truck bed. Buyers Products builds side mount truck boxes to last, utilizing industry-leading techniques during manufacturing.

Shop all Buyers Products side mount truck boxes here.

Make the Right Move for Your Fleet: Expert Support from Elite Truck!

Having the right equipment for your construction fleet can significantly impact your productivity and efficiency. These pieces of truck equipment are options every construction worker should consider for their truck or fleet. To find the perfect combination of truck equipment, consider common jobs and occurrences you need to prepare for. For assistance with fitment and guidance on enhancing your construction fleet, contact our knowledgeable reps at Elite Truck.

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