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Is this the future of work trucks? [WORK TRUCK WEEK 2023, RAM CONCEPT EV]

Is this the future of work trucks? [WORK TRUCK WEEK 2023, RAM CONCEPT EV]

Just last week, our team was present at Work Truck Week 2023 in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. The yearly work convention provides great insight on emerging technology and trends within the work automotive industry, with companies from all over the world showcasing their top products.

It should come as no surprise that Electric Vehicles came front and center for this year's Work Truck Week, as the discussion regarding electric and even autonomous vehicles continues to grow in both the commercial and work vehicle industry. 

Directly in the middle of the convention center was Ram's Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) concept truck, with an eye catching backdrop set to audio-visual commercials describing the capabilities and production process of the vehicle. While the idea of electric work vehicles has found both support and skepticism from industry stakeholders, there is no denying this Ram kept Work Truck Week attendees coming back for a better look each day. 

While one must remember this is simply a concept vehicle, the display proved to be a great opportunity to see what trucks could be rolling down highways, backroads, and construction sites in the next decade or so. 

Other new products showcased at this year's Work Truck Week included customizable headache racks from Weather Guard, new Contractor Boxes from Buyers Products, and an already released heavy-duty truck ladder rack from Merritt, which you can read about on our blog and purchase TODAY here. 

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