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Maximizing Safety and Efficiency: Van Bulkheads

Maximizing Safety and Efficiency: Van Bulkheads

A cargo van is a great work vehicle for those in the trade industries. Vans provide you with an enclosed space to store and organize gear out of the elements. Equipping your van with the best equipment will make it more efficient to use. When traveling in your loaded van, a bulkhead or partition will keep your van organized.

What is a Van Bulkhead?Weather Guard Van Bulkhead with Window

Van bulkheads are a barrier installed behind the driver and passenger sears, generally made of aluminum, steel or a composite plastic. This barrier keeps your van compartmented and organized.

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Purpose of a Van Bulkhead:

A van bulkheads main purpose is to act as a barrier between the passengers in the van and the cargo space. Some of these benefits are:

Protecting Passengers:

A major benefit of a van bulkhead is protection of you and your passengers. The barrier between the cargo space and the seats prevents your cargo from shifting to the front of the van.

Sliding Bulkhead Door

Securing Cargo:

Cargo vans can carry a large variety of tools and gear. Keeping your equipment secure in the cargo area will have your van organized. A van partition keeps large items in place and prevents them from moving around and damaging the van during transportation.

Features for Van Bulkheads:

Van bulkheads can feature variations which fit your specific needs better. Some of the most common variations are:


A popular variant of van bulkheads is perforation. This feature gives you a clear view into the back of your van through a mesh window.

Doors:Mesh Bulkhead from Weather Guard

Van partitions can come with a door on it, giving easy access to the rear of your van. This ease of access is great if you need constant access to your cargo.


No Opening:

Another common variation of van bulkheads are ones that come with no openings. These fully sealed partitions are great for those carrying hazardous materials. A major benefit these variations provide is preventing any leaks or spills from affecting the driver and passengers in the front.

Bulkhead with No Opening

Locking it Down: The Importance of Van Bulkheads

Van bulkheads are a great addition to your cargo van. These pieces of equipment ensure the safety of both your cargo and passengers. When deciding on your van partition, consider your specific needs to find the perfect fit for your van. Reach out to our reps at Elite Truck for assistance finding the ideal van bulkhead for your situation.

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