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Tacoma Gear Storage: The Ultimate Guide to Tacoma Bed Organizers

Tacoma Gear Storage: The Ultimate Guide to Tacoma Bed Organizers

A Toyota Tacoma is a truck which will last you a long time. Equipping your vehicle with the best gear will enhance your truck's ability to carry cargo, organize your tools and be accessible. A bed organizer for your Tacoma gives you a place to store your tools and gear for protection and organization.

What is a Bed Organizer?

A bed organizer is an enclosed storage system which fits into your truck bed. While each model is different, bed organizers come with drawers which can lock. Bed organizers hold cargo on top without harming items in the drawers. When deciding on your bed organizer consider the needs you have so it can help you the most.

Top 5 Tacoma Bed Organizers:


Decked makes one of the most secure bed organizers around, offering a robust and versatile storage solution. Decked units are heavy duty, holding up to 2,000 lbs on top of it and up to 200 lbs in each drawer. Toyota Tacoma Decked units come with two drawers, and offer models for different bed lengths and years.

Decked Drawer Unit

Shop the DECKED Toyota Tacoma 6' 2" Bed Model.

Weather Guard Pack Rat:

Weather Guard is a well-known truck accessory manufacturer, and their Pack Rat unit holds to the same quality standards. The Pack Rat contains a single drawer which has dividers for organization. Each unit can hold up to 750 lbs on top of it and the drawers can hold up to 425 lbs.

Shop all Pack Rats here.

ATB Bed Pack:

American Truck Boxes bed pack is another great option for a bed organizer. This aluminum truck box features two drawers and an optional tray on top. Made of .125 smooth aluminum and .100 diamond tread plate aluminum, this box gives you a durable and secure space for tools.

ATB Bed Pack

Shop all ATB Bed Packs here.


RKI's Floor Drawer is a high-quality, black steel storage solution that fits seamlessly in your Tacoma's truck bed. Its durability and spacious design make it an excellent choice for various storage needs. Each RKI unit can hold up to 1,200 lbs on top and up to 700 lbs in the drawers. Separate the drawers with dividers to keep your gear organized and easy to find.

Shop RKI's Floor Drawer.

Truck Vault:

Truck Vaults completely transform your Tacoma truck bed, giving you a secure two drawer storage system. This high security option features a Simplex combination lock to keep your gear secure. The Truck Vault drawer system can hold 1,000 lbs on top and 300 lbs in each drawer.

Truck Vault Drawer System

Shop all Truck Vault Drawers here.

Elevate Your Truck's Efficiency with Tacoma Bed Organizers

Investing in a bed organizer for your Tacoma is a game-changer. These organizers will significantly improve your storage capabilities and keep your gear organized and secure. When deciding on your Tacoma bed organizer, look to your specific needs such as the size, drawers needed and weight capacity needed. For assistance finding the right bed organizer for your Toyota Tacoma contact our reps at Elite Truck today.

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